First blog post

I have been told (by my book coach and several book agents) that I must create a social media presence if I wish to help PERSEPHONE WOMAN find its place in the written world.  So, I am rising above my natural reluctance to promote myself in order to introduce potential readers to my books.

Many years ago, with help from Roger Woolger, I wrote The Goddess Within:  A Guide to the Eternal Myths that Shape Women’s Lives.  The book sold well in the bygone days before social media; she is still available on Amazon more than twenty years later– with 4 stars!

I began thinking about Persephone Woman twenty years ago, but fifty-hour work weeks and single parenting postponed writing the book.  Eighteen months ago I sold by home in Vermont and moved to Maine, determined to focus my attention on writing the book I had been thinking about for so many years.  And finish it I did.  The challenge, now, is to find an agent and a publisher for the book.  With help from Mark Malatesta I am learning to navigate the brave new world of book publishing and am feeling optimistic of resolving this challenge in the months to come.

Meanwhile, I am contemplating writing a third book.  Like Russian dolls that can be taken apart to reveal one doll inside a larger one, each of my books emerges from the one before.  The book I am now thinking about is called Fierce Grandmothers.  This book will explore the contributions of older women to their society and future cultures.  We who are over age sixty today will live longer that any generation in history, with more education, political savvy, and money than any generation that came before us.  We will change the future in ways that even we don’t recognize, yet.